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New Patients

                                     Your First Visit

The first time you call to schedule your appointment, a patient care coordinator will ask what you are looking for in treatment - counseling, medication management or a combination of both. You will be asked about your insurance coverage and a few demographic questions.


The initial office appointment is one hour. Depending on the complexity of the issues at hand, an initial appointment may need to be extended for another hour. Current issues will be addressed and a thorough medical and psychiatric history will be obtained. At the end of the session, recommendations will be offered and a treatment plan will be provided. Sometimes this may be a referral to another treatment setting. Medication prescriptions are sometimes but not always written during the first appointment.

Scheduling Your Appointment
Initial Appointment


Appointments for established patients are 20 to 40 minutes and include medication management and

Follow-up Appointments
Telehealth Appointments

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Insurance providers which we accept:


Not covered by any of these providers? Contact us and we'll find the best solution for you.  

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